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625 weeks ago

For FFXIV databases and wikis, one of these websites will hopefully meet your needs:

lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com: The official Square FFXIV info website.

ffxiv.yg.com: Yellow Gremlin is a wowhead styled database with a dark color scheme, and perhaps the "best" db right now.

ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Main_Page: Eorzeapedia may be the best wiki right now, but they are not as up to date as YG.

ffxivcore.com: FFXIV Core is a news site with another wiki like Eorzeapedia containing plenty of information about the game, and they also have an active forum.

http://www.beyondvanadiel.com/: This is an interesting website, one you may find lacking in links to additional resources on their item pages, however, it is worth checking out at least once if not only to decide you don't like it for yourself.

ffxivpro.com/: Players who are familiar with ffxiah will recognize this website. Brought to you by the makers of ffxiah we have a site for players to post items they want to buy and sell. If you have an account on ffxiah you do not need to make a new one, it carries over.

enjin.com/tools/ffxiv-signatures: Great signature generator.

I will be monitoring the comments to check for any new links I can put here or for suggestions and comments regarding those already here. Enjoy!
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