Katie Morgan Admin replied

625 weeks ago

Hello and welcome!

My name is Ben and I play Katie Morgan on Wutai. I dream of a linkshell unified for all purposes, where people can login and enjoy the game in the way that suits them. We are a "no mandatory event" linkshell. What does that mean?

You will never be forced to do anything in the Order of the White Lotus.

  • If you don't want to party or raid but are looking for folks to chat with socially in-game then we welcome you.
  • If you don't like to solo and want a good group of players to party or raid with, we welcome you.

With that in mind, though, doing activities with your linkshell is the best way to get to know the people you chat with. So don't be shy!

We are putting a lot of energy into building a linkshell where people can get together and enjoy activities, such as levequests, endgame gear hunting, or just having a group of friends to talk to and share information with.

For endgame content, obviously some sort of fair system needs to be in place for distributing items that many people all want at the same time. And there are many ways of doing this. White Lotus does not believe in blanket, universal rule-sets applying to all situations universally. We take all matters on case by case bases and consider all factors available to us. For this reason we do not use DKP but rather attendance points with a loot council to carefully make sure items are handled as fairly as they can be. If you do not know what DKP even means then do not worry, what we are basically saying is that you will get that sweet weapon before anyone who put less time into getting it than you have.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and White Lotus looks forward to seeing you in-game!

Please /tell Katie Morgan in-game if you would like to talk about anything before you submit your application. ^^

Gummibear Member replied

625 weeks ago

+1 I support this :)
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